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Did you know that a four-day stay in a U.S. hospital for an appendectomy could cost $39,400* (USD), with only $1,600 (CAD) covered by your OHIP. A one-day stay in a U.S. hospital for a broken arm and wrist could cost $32,600* (USD), with only $400 (CAD) covered by your OHIP. With travel insurance, you’ll have valuable financial protection for these types of emergency medical expenses.

When you’re traveling, even a minor accident or sickness can become a major expense and inconvenience. So whether your plans include a trip outside your home province or territory, to the U.S. or to another continent, having travel insurance will go a long way toward ensuring you enjoy your time away.

Consider these common myths and see why it’s important to make sure your family is protected every time you travel.

Myth #1: Travel insurance isn’t necessary; I will take my chances.

Any Canadian traveling abroad or within Canada should consider travel insurance because your government health insurance plan (OHIP) typically covers only a limited portion of your medical expenses once you leave the country and your province.

Myth #2:My employee health plan and credit card provides me with all the coverage I need.

Many Canadians don’t realize the limitations of this coverage. For instance, credit cards often provide coverage for a limited number of days or limit the amount you can claim. Employment benefits may not cover all medical emergencies and have limited travel benefits.

Myth #3: It’s more economical to buy insurance for each trip rather than purchasing an annual plan.

Canadians who travel frequently should consider purchasing a multi-trip annual plan. It offers a more convenient and economical way to purchase coverage for a full year without having to worry about it every time you travel.

Myth #4: As long as I’m covered, my family is protected too.

Purchase travel insurance that will cover your entire family for the duration of your trip. Also, ask about family pricing. Family pricing is available under some travel insurance plans or packages.

Myth #5: Carrying my insurance card or any documents describing my coverage is sufficient.

In addition to carrying the correct documents, it’s important to have a good emergency medical network on your side. If you were to experience a medical emergency, it’s important that you have instant access to a 24-hour emergency support network that you can call from anywhere in the world, and with representatives who are multilingual.

We are travel insurance specialists and work with Manulife, Sun Life, Blue Cross and other travel insurance companies to get you the best rate and the most appropriate coverage. 

It would be our pleasure to get a quote for you. The information needed to get an accurate quote includes your date of birth, your destination, your travel departure and arrival dates, a few simple health questions, whether you would want trip cancellation insurance or just medical coverage while you are away, and whether you want single trip, multi-trip or year round coverage. 

Contact us and tell us about yourself to get the best price and the best coverage!  I recommend only the most reliable insurance providers who have a reputation for prompt and easy claim payment.  The cheapest insurance is not always the best. 
* 2008 RBC Insurance/Ipsos Reid survey.

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