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The Canada Life Real Estate Fund is a segregated fund that invests directly in a diverse selection of income-producing Canadian real estate properties. The fund is made up of high-quality commercial and multi-family residential properties, diversified by type and located in Canada’s major cities.

This fund can be a part of well diversified portfolio for the following reasons:

• It is a unique diversifier for your investment portfolio
• Historically, returns have been stable
• Long-term income from properties contributes to returns
• It is professionally managed

The Canada Life Real Estate Fund gives you access to the investment performance of large real estate properties, an alternative investment class that is not generally available to the average investor. 

Hear directly from the fund manager, GWL Realty Advisors, Inc., in a presentation about the fund, how it works and how the fund manager invests:

Get professional financial advice to find out more about whether the Canada Life Real Estate Fund might fit into your portfolio by contacting me.  Contact us and tell us about yourself.

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