Personal Pension Plans

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A Personal Pension Plan is a straight-forward, low-risk investment that allows you to convert your retirement savings into a source of dependable income that you can’t outlive.  Whether you’re building for your retirement or are in the retirement stage of your life, you can set up a Personal Pension Plan to supplement existing guaranteed income sources or to create a new income source on which you can rely.

A Personal Pension Plan is designed to provide you with: 
  • A secure income stream that is guaranteed for life to help form the foundation of a retirement income plan
  • A higher level of retirement income the earlier you invest and/or the longer you wait to start drawing income 
  • Flexibility to choose when to begin taking income, as early as age 50
  • The option of uninterrupted income for life for your surviving spouse
  • A conservative investment in a fixed-income portfolio or a more aggressive approach with full access to your market value, should the need arise
A Personal Pension Plan is an attractive income solution, whether you are in the pre-retirement or retirement stage of your life. A complement to other retirement income sources, a Personal Pension Plan supports retirement plans and helps ensure that you will be prepared.

Contact us and tell us about yourself to help make a Personal Pension Plan part of your retirement income strategy.

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