Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Portfolios

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I work on a referral basis with an innovative and efficient digital wealth platform portfolio manager which uses Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) as the building blocks of your portfolio.

Through this relationship you will receive sophisticated wealth management focused on your long-term goals, with a ultra-low fees of 1% or less depending on your level of invested assets. 

Using leading edge technology and industry-tested investment rules, the ETF portfolio manager creates a low-cost, customized global portfolio designed to help you reach specific financial goals within your unique time, budget, and risk parameters. Once you’re invested, the monitoring and re-balancing your portfolio is taken care of automatically.

Your investments are only a part of your total financial plan, and my role is to be your personal financial consultant, helping you prioritize your financial goals; understand your investment options; maximize your cash flow and net worth; reduce or eliminate debt; protect your family in the event of the unexpected; and leave a tax-efficient and easy-to-administer estate. 

I know time is precious and believe paperwork should be easy. That’s why there is a digital account opening process that’s easy to use and respects your time. Typically you can finish the sign-up process in less than 10 minutes.  

Please feel free to reach out to me to learn more about ETF investing and whether it is suitable for you and your circumstances, and to get started with the online sign-up process.  Contact us and tell us about yourself.

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